Restaurant MEKK

MEKK, a new restaurant offering modern Estonian dishes, is located on Suur-Karja street in the Old Town of Tallinn. The location of the restaurant is quite symbolic - it unites the atmosphere of the past centuries past expressed via the surroundings with the present-day life that can be witnessed due to the proximity of the modern heart of the city.

The essence of Estonian cuisine
The only way for us to find the right words when trying to define Estonian cuisine is to realize that the Estonians themselves are a manifestation of a combination of all the best features of the nations with whom they have lived side by side throughout the centuries. The calmness of the Swedes, the common sense of the Danes, the purposefulness of the Germans and the self-trust of the Russians are hidden inside each and every Estonian. The Estonian cuisine has equally taken the best aspects from the cuisines of other nations, added its unique nuances and the thrive for perfection to them all, thus becoming an extremely fascinating and diverse phenomenon.

The principles of putting together a menu
Rene Uusmees, the chef of the restaurant has decided to honour the core values of culinary practices when preparing modern Estonian food. This is why modern Estonian cooking is based on the classical methods of preparing food, which have been characteristic to us and to our culture throughout the ages and which the restaurant improves by using modern technology and professional skills. All the raw produce used in modern Estonian dishes are extremely fresh and come, as much as possible, from Estonian ecological farms. The customers are informed already in the menu where Estonian cheeses, meat and fish have been used and the finishing touch to each meal is added by offering home-made bread served with genuine butter decked with salt flakes. However, it is not possible to prefer local raw produce at all times because preparing modern and multi-faceted food necessitates, just as our everyday lives do, that we keep our minds open to products from other parts of the world as well.

A healthy selection of food
Healthiness is one of the key ingredients of high quality. In each season, the restaurant offers its customers food characteristic to that particular reason. Spring is the time to eat asparagus, spinach, nettle and sorrel. Summer is governed by fresh vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes, berries from the garden as well as from the woods but also by pike and garfish. Autumn is characterized by mushrooms, apples, plums, sea-buckthorn berries, cloudberries and wild game. The winter menu is as crisp and cool as the weather outside, the main flavour of the season coming from local tinned produce. Our chef makes sure that the raw produce is fresh and seasonal and our dishes are seasoned with herbs and spices throughout the year.

The result of all of the aforementioned components- the perfect location, excellent raw produce, the best professional skills and carefully compiled drink menu- is what we like to call Modern Estonian Cuisine (or Moodne Eesti KöögiKunst or MEKK in Estonian) in its best form. Full of contrasts but calm and harmonious by nature – just as the Estonian people.

Restaurant MEKK
Restaurant MEKK
Restaurant MEKK
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